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CCA - Standards Committee


In addition to the mandate statement and terms of reference, this section provides you with information about the projects undertaken by the Standards Committee. Also included is the list of the Committee members, reports and discussion papers, access to a National Standards database and links to other national and international standards committees and organisations.




The Standards Committee is a committee of the Canadian Council of Archives.

1. Mandate Statement
The Standards Committee manages the process for the development, approval and maintenance of standards for archival practice. It also facilitates the development of standards required for archival practice; promotes archival participation in standards development; promotes the application of standards through clarification and/or publication; and monitors the use of standards for archival practice.

2 - Terms of Reference
- As a committee of experts, is responsible for the monitoring of the development of national and international standards related to archives.
2.2 - Advises the CCA on priorities for the development of standards for archival practice.
2.3 - Recommends standards to CCA for endorsement or further review.
2.4 - Facilitates archival representation on the Canadian General Standards Board and other external standards bodies dealing generally with standards.
2.5 - Establish, recognizes, and co-ordinates technical committees and task groups responsible for developing standards.
2.6 - Liaises with CCA technical committees, approving plans and budgets, and receives activity reports.
2.7 - Monitors the development and the maintenance of a register of standards relevant to the practice of archives.

3 - Membership
- Members are named by the CCA and are appointed to represent the archival community.
3.2 - As required, interested individuals and organizations may be invited to participate in the work of the Committee.

4 - Chairperson
- The Chairperson is named by the members of the Committee from among the members.
4.2 - The Chairperson of the Committee shall normally represent the Committee’s interests.

5 - Meetings
Meetings will be held at the call of the Chairperson, at least once a year and in a location deemed to be the most convenient for the membership.

6 - Mandate Statement and the Terms of Reference Review
The mandate statement and terms of reference will be reviewed at the call of the Chairperson, or at least every three years.